Winter Mixed Co-ed Team League 2013

MONDAYS at Infinity Park in Glendale

7 weeks regular season- last 2 weeks single elimination tourney. 

4/3 Format                  

Mondays December 2 - February 10, 2014 (No games over Christmas/New Years)

Games at 7pm and 8pm

$600 p/team


1 hour games or to 15 points 

Games are started and stopped using a loud horn. Please listen carefully for the horn.
2 short horns – 5 min warning
1 long horn – start/end of game

One timeout p/game for each team. One mirrored half @ 8 (one minute long!!) No timeouts after 5 minutes.

Always remember to bring a white shirt just in case as well.

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2012 Spring Monday A League

Playoff Brackets

Tummy Sticks 9
  Tummy Sticks 1
Disc Hawks 11    
  Disc Hawks 4  
Fling Poo 9  
  Tummy Sticks 10
RedRum 4    
  Von Trapp Family Flingers 0  
Von Trapp Family Flingers 8  
  Tummy Sticks
Shiny Happy People 1  
  Shiny Happy People 1  
Usual Suspects 8      
  Jack-a-Weenies 0    
Jack-a-Weenies 9    
  Shiny Happy People 7
Die Achts 1  
  Die Achts 0
Pray for Wind 0

Regular Season Standings

#TeamRecord+/-USAU Tie Break rules through #3 (pg. 6)
1Tummy Sticks7-041
2Shiny Happy People6-113
3Die Achts5-219
4RedRum4-37Head to Head wins and PD tied. Used overall PD.
5Von Trapp Family Flingers4-32Head to Head wins and PD tied. Used overall PD.
6Pray for Wind3-4-7
7Usual Suspects2-5-15Head to head wins tied. 3 PD against tied teams.
8Disc Hawks2-5-13Head to head wins tied. 0 PD against tied teams.
9Fling Poo2-5-260 win(s) against tied teams.

*PD - point differential

March 26th, 2012
Field 1RedRum 8-5 Jack-a-Weenies
Field 2Tummy Sticks 10-2 Fling Poo

Field 1Shiny Happy People 9-3 Disc Hawks
Field 2Usual Suspects 5-6 Pray for Wind

April 2nd, 2012
Field 1Usual Suspects 3-8 Die Achts
Field 2RedRum 5-8 Shiny Happy People

Field 1Pray for Wind 4-8 Von Trapp Family Flingers
Field 2Jack-a-Weenies 6-9 Disc Hawks

April 9th, 2012
Field 1RedRum 7-6 Disc Hawks
Field 2Die Achts 6-10 Tummy Sticks

Field 1Jack-a-Weenies 8-10 Shiny Happy People
Field 2Fling Poo 8-12 Von Trapp Family Flingers

April 16th, 2012
Field 1RedRum 13-5 Usual Suspects
Field 2Die Achts 13-6 Fling Poo

Field 1Tummy Sticks 13-10 Von Trapp Family Flingers
Field 2Jack-a-Weenies 9-13 Pray for Wind

April 23rd, 2012
Field 1Disc Hawks 11-8 Fling Poo
Field 2Pray for Wind 7-14 Die Achts

Field 1Shiny Happy People 4-13 Tummy Sticks
Field 2Usual Suspects 9-11 Von Trapp Family Flingers

April 30th, 2012
Field 1Disc Hawks 8-11 Usual Suspects
Field 2RedRum 6-13 Tummy Sticks

Field 1Shiny Happy People 11-10 Pray for Wind
Field 2Jack-a-Weenies 8-9 Fling Poo

May 7th, 2012
Field 1Jack-a-Weenies 9-10 Usual Suspects
Field 2Disc Hawks 9-12 Von Trapp Family Flingers

Field 1Shiny Happy People 11-5 Die Achts
Field 2RedRum 8-9 Pray for Wind

May 14th, 2012
Field 1RedRum 13-7 Fling Poo
Field 2Jack-a-Weenies 6-13 Tummy Sticks

Field 1Pray for Wind 9-10 Fling Poo
Field 2Usual Suspects 10-13 Tummy Sticks

Field 1Shiny Happy People 12-8 Von Trapp Family Flingers
Field 2Disc Hawks 4-10 Die Achts

Field 1Die Achts 11-7 Von Trapp Family Flingers

May 21st, 2012
Field 1Disc Hawks 11-9 Fling PooPrequarterfinals
Field 2Usual Suspects 8-9 Jack-a-WeeniesPrequarterfinals

June 4th, 2012
Field 1Tummy Sticks 9-4 Disc HawksQuarterfinals
Field 2RedRum 4-8 Von Trapp Family FlingersQuarterfinals

Field 1Shiny Happy People 1-0 Jack-a-WeeniesQuarterfinals
Field 2Die Achts 1-0 Pray for WindQuarterfinals

Field 1Tummy Sticks 1-0 Von Trapp Family FlingersSemifinals
Field 2Shiny Happy People 1-0 Die AchtsSemifinals

Field 2Tummy Sticks 10-7 Shiny Happy PeopleFinals